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The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz: Five Minutes to Learn, a Lifetime to Master

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You no doubt recognize that phrase in our title. Usually it is said with reference to no-limit hold’em, a game for which the rules are relatively easy to figure out, but the strategy is complex enough to remain challenging for decades.

Even if the sentiment expressed by the phrase is absolutely true, it has become kind of a cliché. That’s why we liked the variation on it Norm Macdonald shared during the Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout a few weeks back:

“It’s a game that takes five minutes to learn, but 10 minutes to master,” said Macdonald.

Well, the weekend is here, and there’s no other way to say it — it’s time again for “The Weekly PokerNews Strategy Quiz.”

Like before, we’ve drawn 10 multiple-choice questions from the past week’s worth of articles appearing in the Strategy section here at PokerNews. Getting seven or more correct out of 10 earns you a passing grade, and if you get any wrong you’ll get a note explaining the correct choice.

Some of these questions concern poker terms and other concepts that you might be able to work out without having read the articles to which they refer. Remember, though, you can always check back through the week’s articles to find answers, if needed.

Ready? Go...

Question 1

When playing bar league poker or “tavern poker,” why is it recommended “that you should turn down your bluffing frequency to nearly zero”?

Question 2

In his latest “Road to the 2016 WSOP” update, Matthew Pitt describes how lately in tournaments he often will “run into a cooler hand” either just before or after the bubble bursts. By “cooler hand” he means...

Question 3

Tommy Angelo’s article this week shares the story of “Freddy the Floater” who says he likes to “peel” when in position, meaning...

Question 4

This week ESPN showed a hand from the 2015 WSOP Main Event in which Daniel Negreanu called a raise from the small blind with As-7s, watched the flop come 3s-10c-9s, then checked, choosing not to...

Question 5

In “5 Effective Ways to Reduce Tilt at the Micros,” Nathan Williams suggests how many hands constitutes a meaningful sample size when playing online?

Question 6

This week’s “Hold’em with Holloway” discusses three-way hand in the $500,000 Super High Roller Bowl that reaches the river with 290,000 in the middle. From the small blind, Scott Seiver (with a busted flush draw and no pair) pushes out 410,000 as...

Question 7

In “There’s No Rush: Get the Count When Someone Shoves on You,” Mo Nuwwarah describes a final table hand in which the blinds are 15,000/30,000 and a player reraise-shoves for 375,000 total. The original raiser, having failed to get a count, calls the shove thinking the player only had 250,000. That’s a difference of...

Question 8

The article “‘Investing’ In Your Game: Applying TradingHD's Timing Tips To Your Poker Game” explores a few analogies between investing and poker. For instance, the investment advice “never fall in love with a stock” is compared to...

Question 9

The first part of Isabelle Mercier’s introduction to open-face Chinese poker explains basics of setting hands and scoring in OFC, including how “scooping” a hand refers to...

Question 10

Which of the following is *not* a variation of open-face Chinese poker?

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