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Roland Rakes One In

Aaron Overton raised to 450 in early position, a player called in middle position, Roland Israelashvili called out of the small blind, and the player in the big blind defended.

Barbero Lays it Down

Nacho Barbero and Allen Kessler checked the flop over to Aaron Overton on the button, who bet 5,675 into a pot of about 11,000. Barbero made the call, and Kessler folded.

Overton and Stewart Bust

According to this My Stack update from Nancy Birnbaum, Aaron Overton has been eliminated. "Cracked aaron Overton AA with 86d all in after the flop." Overton hit the rail, while Birnbaum now sits with 15,600.

Overton Folds to a River Shove

Aaron Overton raised to 800 in early position, and the action folded to a player in the big blind, who tossed out the extra 400 needed to call. The dealer fanned , the player checked, and Overton continued for 1,025.

Over for Overton

Faced with a bet on a flop of , Aaron Overton raised to 3,500. A player cold-called, the bettor called as well, and the turn was the . There was a check, Overton moved all in for 6,575, and only the bettor called.

Bad Timing If Your Last Name Ends in -ton

Aaron Overton and Everett Carlton were recently eliminated from play in separate hands with unknown action.

Overton Takes a Hit

The board read and Aaron Overton checked on over to his opponent. Overton's opponent fired 5,000 and Overton decided to stay the course. The river brought a second pair to the felt with the and Overton checked yet again.

Overton Drags Massive Pot

We caught the end of a hand that saw Aaron Overton fly to over 280,000 in chips. Overton's tablemate, Allen Kessler, was kind enough to recap the action for us.

Hearts For Overton

We caught up to find Aaron Overton and an opponent looking down at a completed board of . With well over 26,000 already in the middle, Overton cut out a bet of 8,700.

Overton Climbing

Aaron Overton opened the action with a raise to 450 from the cutoff. The player on the button quickly three-bet to 1,550 and it folded back to Overton. He cut out a four-bet to 4,000 straight and his opponent called.

Over for Overton

Aaron Overton and Jonathan Bakhshian were heads up in a three-bet pot with the board reading . Bakshian instantly moved all in, wagering what looked like more than two times the pot, and Overton instantly called.

Overton Takes It Down With a Four-Bet

Aaron Overton opened to 650 in early position, two players called, and a third three-bet to 2,850 from the small blind. Overton responded with a four-bet to 6,300, and all three of his opponents folded.

Overton Flops the Nuts

Aaron Overton opened to 425 in early position, a player in late position called, and the player in the big blind defended. The dealer fanned , and the player in the big blind open-shoved for around 7,000 or so.

MacKinnon's Kings Can't Hold; Panzica Almost Triples

The player under the gun opened to 1,500 and it folded around to DJ MacKinnon who called from late position. Sam Panzica then three-bet to 5,000 from the cutoff.

More for Kirk

Aaron Overton opened in early position, Tripp Kirk three-bet on his direct left, and the action folded back to Overton, who made the call. The flop fell , and Overton checked. Kirk tossed out 1,200, and Overton made the call.

Over-a-ton of Chips

After an early-position raise to an unknown amount, Aaron Overton made it 1,400 to go from the button. The small blind peeked at his cards and moved out a four-bet to 3,500. The original raiser folded and action was back on Overton.

Aaron Overton Eliminated in 6th Place ($37,376)

The table folded around to Aaron Overton in the small blind who raised to 110,000, and Adam Teasdale came back with a reraise to 285,000 in response from the big blind. Overton then pushed all in for about 1.

Another for Rios

Pete Rios raised to 100,000 from the button and only Aaron Overton called from the big blind. The flop came , Overton checked, and when Rios continued for 125,000, Overton called. The turn then brought the and another check from Overton.

Big Bet from the Blinds

Aaron Overton opened for 70,000 from the cutoff, and it folded to Terry Grimes in the small blind who made a big reraise to 300,000.

Overton Takes from Teasdale

Play has proceeded slowly since players returned from the break. But after a few small hands, we just saw a modest skirmish develop between two of the big stacks, Adam Teasdale and Aaron Overton here in Level 28.