Now Live 2017 Super High Roller Bowl PokerStars Championship Sochi

Tag: Ed Modlin

Modlin Out

Ed Modlin did what he could with his short stack after returning from the dinner break, but alas he was unable to build it up further and has been eliminated.

Modlin Returns

Players are back from dinner, including Ed Modlin of Jamesville, North Carolina. We were glad to see Modlin returning. He'd been here for the first two hours earlier in the afternoon during which stretch he'd chipped up some.

Modlin Mowed Down

Alas for Ed Modlin, as soon as we noted his big double up with kings versus queens, he found himself vying for another big pot against Gregory Burns, and that time came up on the short end.

Modlin on the Move

Ed Modlin, who final tabled the WSOP Circuit Harrah's Atlantic City Main Event back in December (finishing eighth), just earned a hefty double-up to improve his chances at making it to another WSOP-C AC Main Event final table.

Ed Modlin Eliminated in 8th Place ($22,656)

Following a Sung Kim open for 60,000 from middle position, Ed Modlin reraised all in from the button for 590,000.

Go Fishberg

Gregory Fishberg just earned a double-up and survival after having open-pushed for 188,000 from the button with and gotten called by Ed Modlin in the big blind with .

Another Double for Modlin

Ed Modlin just open-raised all in from the small blind for 488,000 and Terry Grimes called the raise from the big blind. Modlin had and Grimes , and Modlin's sevens held as the board came .

Modlin Doubles Through MacKinnon

It's all about bustouts and double-ups so far on Day 3, and we have another one of the former to report to you here.

Woelfel Wins Some Off Modlin

Following a middle-position raise by Ed Modlin, Wade Woelfel reraised all in for 209,000 from the small blind and Modlin called. Woelfel held and Modlin . The community cards came , then , then , and Woelfel survived with the double-up.

William Galler Eliminated in 20th Place ($8,150)

William Galler has fallen in 20th, his end coming via two hands in quick succession.