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Schoenberg busts De León

Christian De León started the day with 8,500 but had apparently already gathered some chips since his shove just now was for, what appeared, 12,000. He shoved from early position on a big blind that hasn't shown up yet.

Schoenberg Sunk

Travis Lutes raised to 600 from the cutoff, then Erica Schoenberg reraised the pot to 2,250 from the button, leaving herself just a few thousand behind.

Exit Erick, Enter Erica

Table 374 just saw a flurry of action in a short sequence of hands that saw three players eliminated — Dermott Blain, Erick Lindgren, and last year's winner of this event, Naoya Kihara.

Let's Welcome The Australian Queen of Poker

Australian poker fan favorite and World Series of Poker Event #41 runner up Jackie Glazier was just spotted in the room. Glazier nearly won her first bracelet last June when she finished runner up to Greg Ostrander for $458,996.

Short-Stacked Schoenberg Triples

Down to about 7,000, Erica Schoenberg just found a much needed triple up with . She faced off against two opponents, one of which isolated the pot after a flop with . Schoenberg survived the turn and river to take down the pot.

Successful Start For Schoenberg

It's been a tough event so far for Erica Schoenberg, as she has been below her starting stack for the entirety of her stay so far.

Three More Fall, Ross-Powers Rises

The bustouts keep coming… and quick. A short-stacked Judy Smith just went out in 30th, followed by Marcia Paulson who was eliminated in 29th after a hand versus Jamie Kerstetter.

Downturn for Tournier; Santy, Schoenberg Double Up

Laurie Tournier has enjoyed a strong Level 14, gathering chips at a rapid pace and pushing out over 200,000 and into the chip lead. She just experienced a setback, however, in a couple of successive hands.

Schoenberg Survives

Erica Schoenberg has been battling with a below average stack for a while, though just managed a needed double up to afford her a little bit of breathing room.

Pot Shipped to Schoenberg

Erica Schoenberg has been building a stack, and just grabbed a few more.


Vanessa Rousso registered for this event after the first break. She took a seat at Table 16 and found herself seated between two fellow pros, Danielle Anderson and Erica Schoenberg.

Schoenberg Eliminated

Erica Schoenberg has been eliminated after she was unsuccessful in racing her against another player's . A third queen on the flop helped finish her off.

Schoenberg Staying Aggressive

Erica Schoenberg has been running her table all day, as she has consistently been upping her chip stack throughout the day. We just caught a brief glimpse of what it looks like life has been like for the ladies over at her table.

Schoenberg Shrivels to Opponent's Pressure

We caught up with the action on a flop. Erica Schoenberg's opponent checked from the big blind, prompting a 800 bet from Schoenberg. Her opponent deliberated, but then stuck out a check-raise to 2,000.

Smooth Sailing For Schoenberg

Erica Schoenberg came late to this event, as she had made Day 2 of the Mixed Hold'em event that started yesterday.

Schoenberg Crippled Early

No Limit Hold'em We were unable to see Erica Schoenberg's hand, as she tossed it into the muck before we got to the table, but it seems she was crippled after an all in confrontation with an opponent.

Ship It To Schoenberg

No Limit Hold'em Erica Schoenberg made it 700 preflop from under the gun and was called by the player in the cutoff. The flop came and Schoenberg bet out 1,000. Her opponent raised the action to 2,600.

Schoenberg Slips a Bit

A player in middle position raised to 500 and Erica Schoenberg called from the big blind. The flop came and Schoenberg check-called a bet of 650 from her opponent. The turn was the and Schoenberg checked again.

Schoenberg Slips

Erica Schoenberg has just sent the majority of her stack shipped over to the big blind. Schoenberg: Opponent: The board ran out to see Schoenberg slip to 7,500 in chips.

Schoenberg Rivers King

With an all in ahead of her for 2,850, Erica Schoenberg moved all in next to speak for 4,450. Schoenberg: Opponent: The board ran out to see Schoenberg spike her king to move to 7,500 in chips.