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The Leong Run

Christopher Leong began today having won two WSOP-C gold rings already this week in preliminary events here at Caesars Atlantic City.

Ring Winners Going for More Gold

Jeffrey Gurfinkel, winner of WSOP-C Atlantic City Event No. 4 ($365 NLHE) has arrived and is playing at one of the most-recently started tables. So, too, is Feming Chan here. Chan just won his first Circuit ring last night in Event No.

Feming Chan Eliminated in 11th Place ($14,488)

Feming Chan entered today with hopes of making yet another WSOP Circuit final table here in Atlantic City. Back during the 2006-07 season Chan finished fourth in this same event at Harrah's, cashing for $80,521.

A Few for Overton

Jeffrey Wicker opened for 44,000 from early position and saw three players call — Aaron Overton (middle position), Cathy Dever (cutoff), and Adam Teasdale (big blind). All four players checked the flop. The turn then brought the .

Bluffs Abound

A couple of interesting hands just occurred in which players bluffed, were successful, and subsequently showed.

Gino Levrini Eliminated in 25th Place ($5,914)

Feming Chan has claimed a second victim already today, thereby reducing the field to 24. Following a Chan raise from the hijack seat to 28,000, Gino Levrini reraised all in for 140,000 from the small blind, and Chan called.

Scott Baumstein Eliminated in 26th Place ($5,914)

Scott Baumstein opened for 24,000 from the cutoff, then Feming Chan raised to 68,000 from the button. The blinds stepped aside, Baumstein shoved for about 300,000, and Chan called the reraise. Baumstein showed , but had run into Chan's .

Heinz Eyeing a Title Defense

Pius Heinz raised to 1,350 from middle position and found one caller, Feming Chan in the cutoff. The flop saw Heinz lead out for 1,500, Chan call, and then both players check down the turn and river.

Chan Out

Hao Le opened to 5,600 from early position, Feming Chan called in middle position, another player called near the button, and Jesus Cabrera defended his big blind.

Chan Doubles

An opponent opened to 1,600 in late position, and Feming Chan moved all in for around 5,000. The action folded back to his opponent who called. Showdown Opponent: Chan: The board ran , and Chan doubled to around 11,000.

Chan Down, But Not Out

Feming Chan was down to his last few thousand after having his aces cracked, and was all in at risk holding against an opponent's . "You're going to flop a flush," tablemate Nicky Frangos joked.

Kyle's Quad Kings KO Feming

Aleksandr Mozhnyakov raised to 175,000 from late position, then Feming Chan reraised all in for 1.445 million from the cutoff seat. It folded to Kyle Johnson in the small blind who took some time, then flat-called the big reraise.

Chips for Chan As Shih Slips

Ruben Visser raised to 85,000 from the hijack seat, then Feming Chan made it 215,000 from one seat over. It folded to Kenny Shih in the small blind who tanked, then announced he was all in.

Olsen Out

A second early elimination from Table 314 to report, this one Carl Olson. Olson was all in before the flop for his last 500,000 or so with and in a race with Feming Chan's . The five community cards came , and Chan's queens held.

Hopkins Runs Into Aces

James Hopkins moved all in from middle position for 259,000 only to have Feming Chan move all in over the top from late position. Chan's reraise served as an isolation bet as the rest of the field cleared out.

Chan Gets Carter

Jay Carter (small blind) and Feming Chan (middle position) had already built a sizable pot by the turn at which point the board showed . Carter checked, Chan bet 33,000, and Carter called.

Chan Sets Up Markholt

Lee Markholt opened to 3,600 from middle position, and Feming Chan called from the big blind. The flop fell , Chan checked, Markholt contined for 4,400, and Chan check-raised to 9,900. Markholt then re-raised to 23,900, and Chan called.

Three-for-One Special for Billirakis

Every once in a while we saw two people eliminated on the same hand, but it's incredibly rare to see three or more people eliminated. Steve Billirakis just accomplished that feat in one fell swoop.

Winner, Winner

Chicken dinner. Brian Tate held a large chip lead over Feming Chan entering the final hand of the night, and Chan's last 29,000 chips were in the middle before the flop. Showdown Tate: Chan: The board ran and Tate was victorious.

And Then There Was One

Just one table remains of our original eight, and its occupants are Brian Tate and Feming Chan. One of the two will go home while the other will advance to the final table of Event #53!