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Coy Sends Filtz Packing

Justin Filtz's poor Day 1a didn't regress to the mean, as he's already busto on Day 2. After a Drake Bronk open, Filtz shoved for about 20,000 from the button and was called by small blind Don Coy. Bronk folded.

Filtz Snakebitten Again

A player in early position raised to 4,100 and was three-bet to 9,400 by Justin Filtz. Cutoff Don Coy moved in for 75,900, and action folded back to Filtz. He immediately called.

Mirza Coolers Filtz to Take Lead

Justin Filtz opened for a raise in middle position and saw Jason Mirza made it 5,800 from his left. Action folded back to Filtz, who reraised to 13,300. Mirza splashed in a five-bet to 30,200, and Filtz pushed all in.

"Stupidest Turn Card Ever"

Justin Filtz bet 6,000 on a flop from the button, but Jason Mirza wanted to play for 14,300 in the small blind. Filtz called after some thought, and the hit the turn. Mirza fired just 9,700 this time, and Filtz made it 30,000 to go.

Belland Doubles Through Filtz

Justin Filtz opened to 1,100 from early position and called the shove of Steve Belland, who had 7,350. Belland: Filtz: Belland won the race when the board came , giving him aces up.

Perfect River for Filtz

We found Justin Filtz in the big blind check-calling 4,000 from the player on the button on a board of . On the river, Filtz checked again and his opponent went all in. Filtz quickly called, and he was shown for a flush.

Kristof Induces a Bluff

Justin Filtz raised to 4,800 from under the gun and Papp Kristof made the call right behind, as did the player in the big blind. After a flop of we had fireworks.

Filtz Eliminates Fischer

Justin Filtz, fresh off his runner-up finish in Event No. 40 ($5K NLHE 6-max) for which he earned just a smidge under a half million, was just now in a hand versus Seth Fischer in which Fischer was all in with while Filtz had .

Justin Filtz Eliminated in 2nd Place ($499,855); Matt Jarvis Wins!

On the fifth hand of Day 4, Justin Filtz had the button. He checked his cards, and without too much deliberation announced he was all in for his last 2 million. Matt Jarvis immediately called.

Early Moves

The first three hands of heads-up saw a couple of button folds, then a raise-and-take for Matt Jarvis. On the fourth hand, Jarvis limped from the button and Justin Filtz checked his option. The flop came .

Jarvis Wins Huge Race, Doubles

Matt Jarvis had the button, and raised to 125,000. Justin Filtz tanked before three-betting to 550,000, Jarvis moved all in for 4.07 million, and Filtz called.

Filtz Retakes Control

After getting those chips back, Matt Jarvis has returned them in short order to Justin Filtz over the course of a just a couple of hands. In the first, the pair had already built a sizable pot by the turn when the board showed .

Jarvis Gets Some Back

Matt Jarvis had the button, and raised to 165,000. Justin Filtz called, and checked when the flop fell . Jarvis slid out 205,000, and Filtz called.

Filtz Doubles Through, Retakes Lead

It started quietly, like most of the hands of this heads-up battle, with a raise from the button. This time it was Matt Jarvis making it 165,000 to go.

One Pair is Good For Monster Pot

Justin Filtz had the button and raised to 125,000. Matt Jarvis three-bet to 455,000, Filtz called, and the flop came down . Jarvis led for 485,000, and Filtz called. Both players checked the on the turn, and the river brought the .

Filtz Finding Momentum

Justin Filtz took the last three hands of Level 29 in the following fashion, perhaps gathering some momentum back from Matt Jarvis.

Filtz Wins One, Jarvis Gets Kiss

Matt Jarvis had the button, and raised to 125,000. Justin Filtz defended his big blind, and the flop came down . Filtz checked, Jarvis continued for 150,000, and Filtz called.

Jarvis in Front

Matt Jarvis raised to 125,000 and Justin Filtz called. Both checked the flop. The turn brought the and a check from Jarvis. Filtz bet 150,000, and Jarvis made the call. The river was the , and both players checked it down.

Jarvis Shows Courage, Cards

Justin Filtz opened with a standard raise, Matt Jarvis called, and the flop came . Filtz bet 205,000, and Jarvis hesitated briefly before calling. The turn then brought the .

Jarvis Makes Flush, Gets Paid

Justin Filtz raised to 125,000 from the small blind/button and Matt Jarvis called. The flop came and Filtz led with a bet of 150,000. Jarvis called. The turn brought the and Filtz bet 300,000. Jarvis again made the call.