Now Live 2017 Super High Roller Bowl PokerStars Championship Sochi

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Pete Rios Eliminated in 3rd Place ($87,762)

Pete Rios opened from the button with an all-in raise for about 1 million, then Adam Teasdale reraised his leading stack all in from the small blind. Wade Woelfel then checked his cards, and he also called all in for his last 2,665,000.

Woelfel Doubles Through Rios

After Adam Teasdale folded on the button, Wade Woelfel open-raised all in from the small blind for 1,395,000, and Pete Rios called from the big blind. Woelfel showed and Rios .

Teasdale Takes One

Play has slowed considerably over the last stretch, with players' mostly content to be patient. The average stack at the moment is nearly 50 big blinds, with all but Wade Woelfel sitting with more than that at present.

Teasdale Four-Bet

Much as he has done for nearly every hand since we've returned for Level 30, Pete Rios opened with a raise to 125,000 — from the button this time — and Sung Kim reraised again to 300,000 from the small blind.

Rios Rising

Pete Rios opened to 125,000 in the cutoff and Adam Teasdale re-raised to 345,000 from the small blind. A call from Rios landed a flop. Teasdale fired 300,000 and was met with a call from Rios. Both checked the turn, as well as the river.

Another Post-Flop Push from Grimes

The steady increase of Pete Rios's chip stack was halted just now following a somewhat familiar play from Terry Grimes — the post-flop all-in shove.

More for Rios

Pete Rios opened with a 2.5x raise to 100,000 from the hijack seat, then Adam Teasdale made it 200,000 to go from the button. The blinds got out, and Rios called Teasdale's raise. The flop came .

Another for Rios

Pete Rios raised to 100,000 from the button and only Aaron Overton called from the big blind. The flop came , Overton checked, and when Rios continued for 125,000, Overton called. The turn then brought the and another check from Overton.

Rios Reraise Forces Folds

Adam Teasdale opened for 90,000 from the hijack seat, then Terry Grimes reraised to 300,000 from a seat over. It folded to Pete Rios in the small blind who tanked for some time before pushing all in for 1,730,000.

Grimes Shoves Flop

We've seen Terry Grimes pushing all in either before the flop or on flops several times over the last few hours on his way to becoming the start-of-final-table chip leader. He just did so again in a hand versus Pete Rios.

Cathy Dever Eliminated in 15th Place ($11,809)

Aaron Overton opened to 44,000 from under the gun, then Pete Rios called from a seat over. Cathy Dever then pushed all in from middle position, and when it folded back around to Overton he folded, but Rios was quick with the call.

A Few for Overton

Jeffrey Wicker opened for 44,000 from early position and saw three players call — Aaron Overton (middle position), Cathy Dever (cutoff), and Adam Teasdale (big blind). All four players checked the flop. The turn then brought the .

Bluffs Abound

A couple of interesting hands just occurred in which players bluffed, were successful, and subsequently showed.

Brian Nguyen Eliminated in 23rd Place ($6,902)

Brian Nguyen battled for a few hands with his short stack, but has finally fallen in 23rd place. After going all in and chopping one hand, Nguyen then found himself all in again against Pete Rios, with Nguyen holding and Rios .

Pete Rios Eliminated in 6th Place ($25,861)

Abraham Araya opened in early position to 60,000, Pete Rios called from the button, Jay Diaz called from the small blind and Jeff Gibralter raised to 265,000 from the big blind.

Araya Shoves

Pete Rios opened for 58,000 in middle position and Abraham Araya called from the big blind. The flop came , Araya checked and Rios bet 80,000. Araya check-raised all in and Rios mucked his hand.

Diaz Doubles Through Rios

Pete Rios and Jay Diaz went to a flop of and Rios led out for 80,000. Diaz called and the turn came . Rios thought for a few moments and then bet 150,000. Diaz took a couple moments and announced all in.

Caufman Talley Eliminated in 18th Place ($6,986)

Caufman Talley's last hand wasn't much to write about, like most times in No Limit it was the second-to-last hand that cost him the tournament.

Maupin Finds the Right Amount

Pete Rios opened from under the gun to 25,000 and got calls from Jesse Maupin, Abraham Araya and La Sengphet. The flop came and action checked all the way around.

Moore Is Done Playing Small Ball Poker

Charles "Woody" Moore and Pete Rios got a flop heads up of . We're not sure of the preflop action, but there was plenty of color in the pot. Moore grabbed a large stack T5,000 chips and put it in the middle with a thump.