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Ed de Haas Takes a Hit

Team PokerNews player Ed de Hass has taken a hit, but still has 140,000. All the money was in preflop and the news was bad for Ed, his was up against the of Brent Catalano.

Recent Eliminations: Places 426-477

The following players won $29,883: 426 Chris Grigorian 427 Bradley Ellis 428 Matthew Ciezki 429 Joseph Fallows 430 Robert Lipkin 431 Curtis Vangilder 432 George Alex 433 Huyen Nguyen 434 Andre Boyer 435 Tony Lee 436 Yuan-I Hsieh

Kings are Good for Team PokerNews

Board: Team PokerNews player Gary Avery goes all in over the top of another player's all-in, to isolate. It works and Avery takes back all but 9,500. He then flips over to his unfortunate opponent's .

The Animal Waiting to Pounce

Team PokerNews player Rob "Animal" Price is at Montel Williams's table -- he says that Montel has paid off players left and right. Montel has doubled up two short stacks and split with a third.

Dion Fotopoulos Takes a Hit

Australian Team PokerNews player Dion Fotopoulos just lost some chips when he took his up against the of his opponent.

John Cameron Eliminated

John Cameron of Team PokerNews has busted out of the tournament.

Tony G's Powah

Tony G is wearing a poker polo that says "Tony G / Feel My Powah". He's just been moved to the same table as Dion Fotopolous of Team PokerNews. Tony G's at 28,000.

Team PokerNews man doubles up!

Pierre Pobberg doubles up needing to make quads on the end. Pierre was up against set over set after the flop when the board was 67K and his opponent Daniel Burke had a set of sevens. The last card was the miracle 6.

Team PokerNews Cruising Along

Dutch Team PokerNews members Jan Uyl and Veron Lammers are doing the Netherlands proud. Jan is on 78,000 while Veron has accumulated 70,000 after being down to 4,000 earlier in the day.

Gareth Edwards eliminated

Gareth Edwards was eliminated from the tournament when he ran into pocket queens.

Team PokerNews

Fabio Puccio, Team PokerNews member, is seated at Table 21 with Team PokerNews Superstar Gareth Edwards. Fabio has 18K; Gareth has 41K.

Team PokerNews Update

On table 16 Matt Bailey doubled through to 40k with KK vs QQ. On table 23 Reber Teke was eliminated.

Chris Stocks doubles up

Team PokerNews player Chris Stocks doubles up to 21k with against on a flop of .