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Marco Regonaschi Eliminated in 8th Place (€15,000)

MrPaulSeaton • Level 28: 50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante
Marco Regonaschi was coolered as he busted with pocket tens to pocket queens

Carlos Garcia Rodriguez moved all-in for 2.1m with {Q-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds} and Marco Regonaschi called off his stack with {10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts} for 1.8m.

The board of {5-Hearts}{Q-Spades}{A-Hearts}{7-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} sent the luckless Recognaschi out in 8th Place for €18,000.

Rodriguez now has over four million chips and is second in chips.

Player Chips Progress
Carlos Garcia Rodriguez ES
Carlos Garcia Rodriguez
ES 4,100,000 1,800,000
Marco Regonaschi it
Marco Regonaschi
it Busted

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