£2,200 High Roller

Down to 22 Players

zedmaster84 • Level 13: 5,000-10,000, 10,000 ante

There are only 22 players remaining spread over the last three tables and Conor Beresford, as well as Matt Perrins, had become the last two casualties.

Perrins had jammed for around 80,000 and was called by Vadim Cojocaru to set up the following showdown:

Matt Perrins: {A-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}
Vadim Cojocaru: {J-Clubs}{J-Diamonds}

The board came {10-Spades}{9-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{3-Diamonds} and that was it for Perrins.

Player Chips Progress
Vadim Cojocaru gb
Vadim Cojocaru
gb 700,000 200,000
Conor Beresford gb
Conor Beresford
gb Busted
Matt Perrins gb
Matt Perrins
gb Busted

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