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XL Inferno #33 - $200,000 Mini Main

Malta's "pAAdentr0" Wins Mini Main For $33,833!

ericajax • Level 36: 125,000-250,000, 31,250 ante

In the first 220 minutes of play, a total of 934 players and 404 rebuys made a total of 1,338 players. They created a total prize pool of $200,700 with the first prize of $36,126. It took a while to get towards the money but in the end, it was Argentina's "salamerancio" who was the last player finishing empty-handed, bubbling the XL Inferno #33 - $200,000 Mini Main.

After making the money, it took a long time before the tournament was down to the last nine. Hours before that, Chris "888Moorman" Moorman had finished in 103rd place for a cash of $421. After eight hours of play, the remaining nine players made the final table and went on to play for the $36,126 first prize.

For "LvckyLvke" (ninth - $2,509), "OneH1tWonder" (eighth - $4,114) and "carpediem14" (seventh - $6,101) it wasn't a big success on the final table as they left quite early on. It was all "pAAdentr0" in this stage because the Maltese player eliminated the players one by one.

After that, the tournament saw "alexos888" leave in sixth place ($8,108). Not much later, "Charlymogo" lost with trips jacks against a full house of chip leader "pAAdentr0" to get eliminated in fifth place for $10,115. For "yoteniaAsku" the tournament ended in fourth place for $14,551 after losing all the chips with pocket sixes against the pocket tens of our chip leader.

With three players left, Denmark's "morewater" moved in with king-ten but once again saw the Maltese chip leader scoop the pot with pocket sevens. "morewater" finished in third place for $19,468 while "pAAdentr0" and "Openpunks" made a deal for most of the remaining prize money.

After the deal, they both flopped top pair and got all the money in. "pAAdentr0" had the better kicker and saw the hand stay on top. The Maltese player won the tournament for $33,833 while the fellow countryman "Openpunks" received $28,384 for finishing in second place.

7carpediem14United Kingdom$6,101