Event #17: $1,150 Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions

Eric Theissen Eliminated in 8th Place ($6,960)

MartyDerby • Level 18: 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Eric Theissen

Eric Theissen lost a few chips with an outkicked king against Szymon Sobanda, then shoved all in for 80,000 and Sobanda looked him up.

It was Theissen on the {k-Clubs}{q-Hearts} and Sobanda dominating again with the {a-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}. Sobanda held on the {j-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{5-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} board that left Theissen with an open ender and little else.

Player Chips Progress
Szymon Sobanda PL
Szymon Sobanda
PL 400,000 195,000
Eric Theissen GB
Eric Theissen
GB Busted

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