Event #17: $1,150 Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions

Kyle White Eliminated in 2nd Place ($32,810)

MartyDerby • Level 22: 12,000-24,000, 4,000 ante
Kyle White

Darryll Fish made it 50,000 from the button and Kyle White defended the big blind. White checked the {a-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{q-Spades} flop and Fish continued for 40,000.

White called and the turn came the {9-Hearts}. White checked again and Fish led for 78,000. White check-raised all in for less than 300,000 and Fish called immediately with the {a-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}.

White was on the {q-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds} for two pair, but Fish's aces-up were good and held on the {8-Hearts} river.

Player Chips Progress
Darryll Fish us
Darryll Fish
us 1,940,000 390,000
Kyle White ca
Kyle White
ca Busted

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