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Elias and Herstein Seated Together Once More

HillKerby • Level 1: 100-100, 0 ante
Darren Elias and Gary Herstein

After being seated directly next to one another with Gary Herstein holding position on Darren Elias to start the day yesterday, the two players later found themselves in the exact relative positions to each other at a new table several hours later.

Fate would have it that the two are seated together for the third time in two days, with Herstein once again holding position on Elias, and the two wasted no time getting involved in a pot together.

Preflop action put 1,600 into the middle with Herstein in the small blind, another player under the gun, and Elias on the button. Action checked to Elias on the flop [5sac5d and he bet 900. Only Herstein called.

The two went heads up to the turn {4-Hearts} and Herstein tossed out one 1,000 chip, announcing a bet of 900 in conjunction with the toss. Elias saw for about 15 seconds and then shook his head briefly before sending his cards to the muck, earning Herstein the early small exchange.

Player Chips Progress
Gary Herstein us
Gary Herstein
us 27,500 27,500
Darren Elias us
Darren Elias
us 23,100 23,100

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