MSPT Showdown Series
bestbet Jacksonville Winter Open $2,000 Main Event

Santos Cracks Cowboys

HillKerby • Level 4: 200-300, 300 ante
Josias Santos

On a board reading {j-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{4-Hearts} with 9,900 already in the center, Josias Santos was all in for his remaining 9,200 from early position and against the player on the button.

Josias Santos: {10-Hearts}{9-Hearts}
Player on the Button: {k-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}

Santos had flopped both a flush draw and open-ended straight draw, the latter of which filled up on the turn {7-Clubs} to leave his opponent's kings drawing dead to the river {3-Spades}. After the double, Santos is back above starting stack with 28,300.

Chip Counts
Josias Santos br 28,300 14,800

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