2021 Colorado Poker Championship

$3,000 High Roller
Days: 1

Sanoubane Eliminated on the Bubble

Level 19 : 6,000-12,000, 12,000 ante
Bobby Sanoubane
Bobby Sanoubane

Bobby Sanoubane got his last 35,000 in preflop in the big blind against Thomas Fuller, who was on the button.

Bobby Sanoubane: {k-Hearts}{9-Hearts}
Thomas Fuller: {k-Hearts}{9-Hearts}

A runout of {9-Spades}{7-Hearts}{7-Spades}{k-Spades}{5-Hearts} gave Sanoubane top two pair, but it wasn’t enough to best Fuller’s flopped trip sevens and he was eliminated in fifth place

The tournament is now in the money with 25 minutes remaining in Level 19 and about 15 minutes until the 1 a.m. hard stop.

Player Chips Progress
Eddy Konarske us
Eddy Konarske
629,000 -36,000
Steve Wilkie gb
Steve Wilkie
411,000 32,000
Thomas Fuller us
Thomas Fuller
268,000 -22,000
Michael Giardina us
Michael Giardina
249,000 29,000
Bobby Sanoubane us
Bobby Sanoubane

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