WSOP Super Circuit Online Series 2021 NJCOOP 2021 MISCOOP partypoker Sunday LIVE
Main Event

5 in a Row for Romanello

[user46298] • Level 31: 80,000-160,000, 20,000 ante
Roberto Romanello

Yes, the last five hands have all gone to Roberto Romanello, who's as quiet as we've ever seen him. Want to know how he did it? After he folded to a preflop three-bet from Emillio Bono(the sixth hand back) he went into overdrive preflop:

1) Button raise and take the pot.
2) Three-bet out of the big blind (1,180,000 over Bono's 370,000) and get a slow fold.
3) Button raise to 355k and take the pot.
4) Get a walk
5) Limp the button preflop, hit a pair of fives on a totally checked-down board of {Q-Spades}{5-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{K-Diamonds}{2-Spades} board and get flashed the {A-Clubs} when showing down {5-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}.

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