2013 PokerStars.com EPT London

£10,300 High Roller
Days: 3

Queen-High Call Pushes Lavallee's Stack to Three Million

Level 23 : 15,000-30,000, 4,000 ante
Jason Lavallee
Jason Lavallee

Jason Lavallee raised to 60,000 in middle position, and two players called - Carla Sabini on the button and Sorel Mizzi in the big blind. The dealer fanned {8-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{3-Spades}, Mizzi checked, and Lavallee examined Mizzi's stack before tossing out a continuation-bet of 78,000. Only Sabini called.

The turn brought a second three - the {3-Hearts} - and Lavallee checked. Sabini quickly pushed out a small stack of pumpkin T25,000 chips, making it 100,000 to go, and Lavallee called.

The {k-Spades} completed the board, Lavallee knuckled again, and Sabini immediately reached for chips. She fired out 160,000 (less than 30% of the pot), and Lavallee chuckled before calling. Sabini showed {q-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} for a busted gutshot draw, and her fellow countryman tabled {q-Clubs}{j-Clubs} for a better queen-high.

Player Chips Progress
Jason Lavallee ca
Jason Lavallee
3,000,000 300,000
Carla Sabini ca
Carla Sabini
840,000 -315,000

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