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High Roller

Brammer Doubles on Bubble

Josh_Cahlik • Level 16: 3,000-6,000, 1,000 ante

Aaron Lim opened to 12,000 from the cutoff and it folded to Chris Brammer's small blind. He moved all in for 93,000 and the big blind got out of the way. Lim called and the hands were tabled.

"All in and call?" asked an eager and short-stacked Artem Litvinov from another table in the room. "All in call! All in call! All in call! All in call!" he repeated as he ran toward the rail. He began doing his trademark stretches and pumping his arms.

Back to the action, Brammer tabled {5-Hearts}{5-Clubs} and was looking good to double against Lim's {4-Diamonds}{4-Spades}.

The board fell down {Q-Hearts}{A-Spades}{6-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{Q-Clubs} and Brammer was able to score a key double up to 220,000.

After a previous hand against Max Lykov and then this hit, Lim's stack is now sitting at 660,000.

Player Chips Progress
Aaron Lim au
Aaron Lim
au 660,000 -180,000
Chris Brammer gb
Chris Brammer
gb 220,000 105,000

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