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Romanello Runs into Quads

It's a good job for Roberto Romanello that they start with deep stacks as he just ran a full house (only likely hand) into the quads of Vladimir Troyanovski.

Troyanovski, who recently finished second to Vanessa Selbst in the $25k high roller at the PCA, opened to 600 from second position and was called in two spot.

All three checked the flop before Romanello led for 700 from the big blind with the board reading {6-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{j-Diamonds}. Both players called to the {k-Diamonds} river where Romanello fired for 1,700. Troyanovski was the only opponent still interested, so interested in fact that he raised to 6,200. Romanello flicked in the call but mucked upon seeing Troyanovski's {6-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} for quads.

Chip Counts
Vladimir Troyanovski 62,000 62,000
Roberto Romanello 36,000 -14,000

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