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Maenpaa Bust Szecsi in Huge Pot

Webjoker • Level 21: 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante
Norbert Szecsi

The biggest pot of the tournament, worth 2,535,000 (four times the tournament average) just played out on the feature table and it was a brutal exit for Robert Szecsi, whilst Tatu Maenpaa is now the overwhelming tournament chip leader

After Eugene Katchalov opened to 25,000, Maenpaa three-bet to 75,000 from the small blind only for Szecsi to four-bet to 185,000 from the big blind. Katchalov folded, but Maenpaa went into the tank, both players started the hand with over 100 big blinds and Maenpaa elected to call.

On the {3-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{4-Hearts} flop Maenpaa checked to Szecsi who continuation bet 145,000, Maenpaa took a look at his cards, then announced all-in for 1,101,000 total and Szecsi snap-called. He was all-in for 1,063,000.

Maenpaa: {K-Hearts}{Q-Hearts}
Szecsi: {A-Hearts}{A-Spades}

According to the Free PokerNews Odds Calculator Szecsi was a 67% favourite to win the hand, however the {3-Hearts} turn meant that Maenpaa was now a 75% favourite to win this huge pot. However, Szecsi had some outs but he missed them all on the {9-Clubs} river. Maenpaa had Szecsi covered but only just and the shell shocked Hungarian exited stage left.

Player Chips Progress
Tatu Maenpaa FI
Tatu Maenpaa
FI 2,535,000 1,170,000
Norbert Szecsi hu
Norbert Szecsi
hu Busted

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