€5,300 Main Event

First Hand, First Big Pot For Neumann

Happy_Freaked • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante
Marko Neumann

Marko Neumann raised to 85,000 from the hijack with {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} and Frei Dilling grabbed some chips from the button, putting in a three-bet to 210,000 with {10-Diamonds}{8-Spades}.

Both blinds quickly folded and the action was back on Neumann. The German pro made the call and the flop brought out {Q-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}.

Neumann checked right away and Dilling bet out 180,000 into his German opponent. Neumann, the shortest stack with 1.4 million behind, made the call after about 10 seconds.

The turn brought out the {2-Spades} and Neumann checked it again to the Dane who pondered for a while before sliding out a bet worth 375,000. Neumann, hiding behind sunglasses for the first time all tournament, tanked for a long time while playing with his chips and he eventually made the call.

The river completed the board with the {10-Spades} and Neumann checked and Dilling decided to check behind after about 30 seconds. Neumann showed his top pair top kicked and Dilling mucked his cards.

Player Chips Progress
Frei Dilling DK
Frei Dilling
DK 3,500,000 -730,000
Marko Neumann de
Marko Neumann
de 2,400,000 715,000

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