€25,500 High Roller

Yingui Li Eliminated in 12th Place (€86,800)

Chad_Holloway • Level 21: 10,000-20,000, 3,000 ante
Yingui Li - 12th Place

Well, that didn't take long.

In the very first hand of the day, Martin Jacobson opened for 40,000 under the gun and Dan Smith called from the hijack. Yingui Li then three-bet to 90,000 from the button, and chip leader Andrey Andreev ripped all in from the big blind. Both Jacobson and Smith folded, and then Li snap-called off for nearly 800K.

Li: {a-Clubs}{a-Spades}
Andreev: {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}

Li was a heavy favorite, but not when a ten appeared in the window on the {3-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} flop. Suddenly he was in big trouble, and the {7-Hearts} turn didn't help his case. Li needed an ace and an ace only on the river, but it was not meant to be as the {4-Diamonds} blanked.

Just like that, Li, who began the day sixth in chips, was out the door in 12th place for €86,800.

Player Chips Progress
Andrey Andreev ru
Andrey Andreev
ru 3,150,000 880,000
Yingui Li cn
Yingui Li
cn Busted

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