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€5,300 Main Event

Yurasov Doubles Through Colautti

DBLLpoker • Level 20: 6,000-12,000, 2,000 ante

From early position, Dmitry Yurasov came in with a raise to 26,000. It was folded to Daniele Colautti on the big blind. He threw in a three-bet to 76,000 and Yurasov made the call.

The flop came {4-Spades}{10-Clubs}{5-Spades} and Colautti moved all in. Yurasov had to make a decision for all of his chips as Colautti had him covered. The Russian made the call and the cards were on their backs.

Daniele Colautti: {J-Spades}{J-Hearts}
Dmitry Yurasov: {A-Diamonds}{A-Clubs}

Colautti had an overpair but was way behind against Yurasov's aces. The {8-Diamonds} turn and {K-Diamonds} river didn't change anything and Yurasov doubled up.

Player Chips Progress
Daniele Colautti IT
Daniele Colautti
IT 589,000 -331,000
Dmitry Yurasov ru
Dmitry Yurasov
ru 586,000 373,000

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