€25,500 Single-Day High Roller II

Event Info

Prize Pool €612,500
Players 25

Level Info

Level 18
Blinds 25,000 / 50,000
Ante 5,000
€25,500 Single-Day High Roller II
Day 1 Completed

Sam Greenwood Wins the Second EPT13 Prague €25,500 Single-Day High Roller (€226,600)

zedmaster84 • Level 18: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante
Sam Greenwood
Sam Greenwood

What started as an idea by Steve O'Dwyer on Twitter after a very successful €25,500 Single-Day High Roller one day ago, and gathered interested by several High Roller regulars, was turned into reality by the EPT staff upon request today.

A second edition of the event at the 2016 PokerStars EPT13 Prague festival with a starting stack of 100,000 and levels of 30 minutes each saw 19 players and six re-entries gather a field of 25 entries. The prize pool of €612,500 was to be divided among the top five spots and €226,600, a High Roller title and bragging rights among the familiar faces on the international poker circuit were up for grabs.

1Sam GreenwoodCanada€226,600
2Jean-Noel ThorelFrance€156,200
3Mikita BadziakouskiBelarus€99,530
4Ali Reza FatehiIran€71,970
5Steve O'DwyerIreland€58,200

Ultimately, it was Sam Greenwood who emerged victorious after a 90-minute heads-up battle with Jean-Noel Thorel, O'Dwyer cashed in fifth place. Among those to participate were Paul Newey, Ben Heath, Ole Schemion, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Timothy Adams, Justin Bonomo and Isaac Haxton amongst others.

Yesterday's champion Haxton bowed out early this time while EPT 13 Prague €50,000 Super High Roller runner-up Charlie Carrel bubbled. Six players returned from the dinner break and Carrel as well as Ali Reza Fatehi were the two shortest stacks. Fatehi doubled, then Carrel shoved jack-nine suited into the ace-king of Thorel to miss out on yet another High Roller score.

O'Dwyer had to settle for fifth place when his king-jack suited found no help against the ace-queen of Greenwood. Fatehi soon followed him to the rail in fourth place with ace-seven suited, again it was Thorel who did the work with ace-king.

Down to three players the lead changed several times. Mikita Badziakouski came back from almost zero before running low on chips again. Eventually, the Belarusian had to settle for third when his queen-jack suited was out-flopped by Greenwood's jack-ten and a fierce duel for the victory without any deal discussions followed.

Thorel started with a slight lead and pulled away several times. Greenwood doubled up three times and eventually secured the win after calling Thorel's shove on a king-high river with ten-three suited for second pair, Thorel had bluffed with four-deuce.

All those that missed out on the event don't have to worry, as O'Dwyer and the EPT staff already confirmed that another edition of the tournament is scheduled. The action will get underway at 2 p.m. on Friday December 16th with the same structure and PokerNews will be providing updates to follow the action.

The last official EPT High Roller title will then be up for grabs in the three-day €10,300 High Roller from Saturday December 17th until Monday December 19th, while the €5,300 Main Event will play down to a winner during the same time span as well.

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Jean-Noel Thorel Eliminated in 2nd Place (€156,200)

zedmaster84 • Level 18: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante
Jean-Noel Thorel
Jean-Noel Thorel

Hand 1

Jean-Noel Thorel raised to 100,000 and Sam Greenwood defended to see a flop of {A-Spades}{7-Hearts}{5-Hearts}. Greenwood checked, Thorel bet 50,000, Greenwood check-raised to 250,000 with Thorel coming along. On the {2-Spades} turn, Greenwood shoved and Thorel folded.

Hand 2

Another min-raised pot by Greenwood brought the flop of {K-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{7-Diamonds} and Thorel bet 100,000, Greenwood called. On the {7-Spades} turn, both players checked. Thorel then moved all in on the {6-Spades} river and Greenwood asked for a count. The shove was for 790,000 and Greenwood called after one minute.

"You win," Thorel said and turned over his {4-Diamonds}{2-Spades} for a bluff gone wrong, Greenwood claimed the victory with {10-Clubs}{3-Clubs} for tens and sevens.

This concludes the event and Thorel takes home €156,200, while Greenwood scores a payday of €226,600. A recap of today's action will be available soon.

Sam Greenwood ca 2,500,000 1,100,000
Jean-Noel Thorel fr Busted

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A Double for Greenwood

zedmaster84 • Level 18: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante

Sam Greenwood's stack was hovering around the 10 to 13 big blind zone for the past 15 minutes and he then limped in. Jean-Noel Thorel raised to 150,000 and Greenwood moved all in, Thorel eventually called.

Sam Greenwood: {A-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}
Jean-Noel Thorel: {K-Diamonds}{7-Spades}

The board came {A-Spades}{K-Spades}{8-Hearts}{2-Spades}{5-Hearts} and Greenwood dodged a king and the flush draw to double up once again, for the third time in this heads up duel.

Sam Greenwood ca 1,400,000 700,000
Jean-Noel Thorel fr 1,100,000 -700,000

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Top Pair for Thorel

zedmaster84 • Level 18: 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante

Sam Greenwood limped in, Jean-Noel Thorel raised to 165,000 and Greenwood called.

On the {K-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} flop, Thorel bet 150,000 and Greenwood called. The {7-Clubs} fell on the turn and both players checked. On the {5-Diamonds} river, Thorel bet 125,000 and Greenwood called before mucking to the {K-Clubs}{2-Spades} of Thorel.

Jean-Noel Thorel fr 1,800,000 485,000
Sam Greenwood ca 700,000 -485,000

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Greenwood Doubles Twice

zedmaster84 • Level 17: 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante

Down to 500,000, Sam Greenwood open-shoved out of the small blind and Jean-Noel Thorel called. Greenwood showed the {A-Spades}{A-Hearts} and Thorel was looking for diamonds with the {K-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}. However, the board of {J-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{7-Diamonds} brought only two of them and Greenwood doubled.

Greenwood then lost six big blinds against the {A-Clubs}{9-Clubs} of Thorel on an ace-high board and open-shoved for 675,000 right after. Thorel called and both players had an ace.

Sam Greenwood: {A-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}
Jean-Noel Thorel: {A-Clubs}{7-Diamonds}

The board of {K-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{9-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds} ensured that the kicker played and Greenwood doubled twice in three hands to regain the lead.

Sam Greenwood ca 1,360,000 350,000
Jean-Noel Thorel fr 1,140,000 -350,000

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Some Recovery for Greenwood

zedmaster84 • Level 16: 15,000-30,000, 5,000 ante

Jean-Noel Thorel kept winning small pots without showdown to further reduce the stack of Sam Greenwood. The latter was already down to around half a million, then got some back. On the river of a board {7-Clubs}{2-Spades}{6-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}, Greenwood bet 100,000 and Thorel called.

Greenwood flashed the {A-Hearts}{9-Spades} for a straight and got some chips back, Thorel remains with an almost three-to-one lead.

Jean-Noel Thorel fr 1,850,000 225,000
Sam Greenwood ca 650,000 -225,000

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