EPT Online 10: $25,000 NLHE [8-Max, Super High Roller]

Jamie "jamienixon90" Nixon Eliminated in 8th Place ($71,387)

zedmaster84 • Level 24: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Jamie Nixon

Out of the small blind, shortest stack Jamie "jamienixon90" Nixon moved in for the last 517,082 and was called by Joao "Naza114" Vieira made the call out of the big blind.

Jamie "jamienixon90" Nixon: {j-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}
Joao "Naza114" Vieira: {a-Clubs}{9-Spades}

Nixon took the lead on the {10-Hearts}{8-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} flop but Vieira turned a straight with the {7-Clubs}. Nixon now needed a nine to chop but the {5-Clubs} river ended his run in 8th place for $71,387.

Jamie Nixon eliminated in 8th place
Jamie Nixon eliminated in 8th place
Player Chips Progress
Joao "Naza114" Vieira
Joao "Naza114" Vieira
2,786,664 577,082
Jamie "jamienixon90" Nixon gb
Jamie "jamienixon90" Nixon
gb Busted

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