€50,000 Single-Day High Roller II

Burns Adds More Thanks To River

jeffmcmillan • Level 9: Blinds 1,500-3,000, 3,000 ante

Action was on the flop that read {5-Diamonds}{7-Spades}{7-Clubs}. From the cutoff, Michael Soyza bet 6,500, Kahle Burns raised to 26,000 from middle position and Soyza called.

The turn was the {4-Clubs}. Burns led out for 40,000 and Soyza called.

The river came the {j-Hearts}. Burns made a very small downsized bet of 10,000. Soyza tossed in the chips and saw Burns table the {j-Spades}{6-Spades} showing that he had found the winner on the river to add more to his stack.

Player Chips Progress
Kahle Burns au
Kahle Burns
au 612,000 90,000
Michael Soyza my
Michael Soyza
my 117,000 -83,000

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