€2,200 Estrellas Poker Tour High Roller

Andre Akkari Eliminated in 9th Place (€57,490)

jeffmcmillan • Level 34: 150,000-300,000, 300,000 ante
Andre Akkari

Miroslav Alilovic raised to 600,000 from the hijack, Andre Akkari jammed for 2,805,000 from the cutoff. Ian Bradley was in the big blind and re-jammed his larger stack to send Alilovic out of the pot.

The Brazilian rail sprung into action as Akkari was at risk holding the {9-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} while Bradley had the {a-Spades}{k-Spades}.

The flop came {k-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{q-Clubs} to put Akkari on the brink. The turn was the {q-Spades} and the river the {4-Diamonds} and his elimination was confirmed.

A deflated silence came over the Brazilian rail as they followed him out of the room, which was left much quieter following their departure from it.

Player Chips Progress
Miroslav Alilovic fr
Miroslav Alilovic
fr 9,100,000 1,000,000
Ian Bradley gb
Ian Bradley
gb 7,700,000 3,200,000
Andre Akkari br
Andre Akkari
br Busted

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