H-15: $10,300 Super Tuesday

Players in the Money After Amichai Barer Bubbles

Jaxon • Level 23: 17,500-35,000, 4,500 ante

Anatoly Filatov opened to 60,000 from under the gun before Amichai Barer jammed for 305,700 from one seat over. David Peters cold-called from the button and Filatov folded.

Amichai Barer: {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}
David Peters: {j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}

The {q-Spades}{a-Spades}{4-Hearts} flop gave Peters two pair but this didn't hold with the {10-Spades} turn and {k-Hearts} river giving Peters a broadway straight.

Barer bubble the tournament in 21st place and the remaining 20 players are each guaranteed at least a min-cash of $18,783.

Player Chips Progress
David Peters us
David Peters
us 2,111,146 514,200
Anatoly Filatov ru
Anatoly Filatov
ru 1,260,490 -60,000
Andrii Novak ua
Andrii Novak
ua 727,643 -62,830
Shawn Daniels us
Shawn Daniels
us 696,934 23,500
QuantumKey hr
hr 450,500 -116,050
xyzpoker at
at 300,804 -76,000
Amichai Barer ca
Amichai Barer
ca Busted