H-58: $10,300 Thursday Thriller [Bounty]

Kevin Martin Joins GGPoker GGSquad

GGPoker is proud to announce the rebranding of their GGTeam. As they thrive to make online poker social and fun for everyone, rethinking how to engage with their community. Introducing the GGHeroes, GGSquad & GGCrew. The GGHeroes roster will be remaining the same names GGPoker fans know and admire. The GGCrew will rotate and expand pending on what series and/or promotions are running. The GGSquad will be interacting with the GGPoker community throughout the week, especially during the Saturday Sessions. Streaming their action, creating content and always down for a SnapCam if you sit a table with one of them. Here to talk about the GGSquad is one of GGPoker’s newest members, Kevin Martin.