€1,100 Main Event

Massive Bluff by Karlsson

Jaxon • Level 34: 150,000-300,000, 300,000 ante
Johan Karlsson

Johan Karlsson raised to 600,000 from the button with {3-Hearts}{2-Hearts} and Ermo Kosk called with {j-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}.

Kosk check-called a bet of 400,000 after the {9-Clubs}{4-Hearts}{q-Spades} came on the flop before he led out for 700,000 after the {q-Spades} came on the turn. Karlsson raised to 2,000,000 and Kosk called.

Kosk then led out for 2,100,000 when the {7-Spades} completed the board on the river. Karlsson went into the tank for about three minutes before he raised to 4,300,000.

Kosk shook his head in disgust before he made the fold.

Player Chips Progress
Johan Karlsson se
Johan Karlsson
se 15,300,000 4,800,000
Ermo Kosk ee
Ermo Kosk
ee 5,000,000 -4,800,000

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