€1,300 MPO Main Event

Stacks Getting Even

gaellej • Level 28: Blinds 50,000-100,000, 100,000 ante

On a monotone flop {q-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{8-Hearts}, Montevil21 bet 100,000 with {8-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} for two pair and called a raise worth 300,000 from Ahmed Bourma who held {j-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}.

The turn was the {2-Diamonds} and this time Montevil21 check-called for 500,000.

The {9-Hearts} appeared on the river, giving the flush to Bourma and Montevil21 checked gain. Bourma sent 825,000 in the middle and after some consideration, Montevil21 mucked his cards.

Player Chips Progress
Ahmed Bourma MA
Ahmed Bourma
MA 6,600,000 900,000
Montevil21 es
es 6,200,000 -1,100,000

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