Main Event

Ivan Arbatsky Eliminated in 3rd Place (€128,147)

Webjoker • Level 29: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Ivan Arbatsky

Hakim Zoufri found {8-Diamonds}{8-Hearts} on the button and raised to 180,000. Ivan Arbatsky woke up with {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs} in the small blind and shoved for 1,155,000. Fabio Sperling in the big blind over shoved for 5,495,000 with {A-Clubs}{Q-Spades} and Zoufri folded reluctantly.

The flop came {9-Spades}{A-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}, making Arbatsky the heavy favorite.

With the {J-Clubs} on the turn, Arbatsky was down to a single out. He didn't hit as the river came the {7-Clubs} and Ivan Arbatsky made his exit in third place, good for €128,147.

Hakim Zoufri and Fabio Sperling are now heads up with €184,820 locked up, but gunning for that €275,608-first place prize.

Player Chips Progress
Fabio Sperling de
Fabio Sperling
de 6,860,000 855,000
Hakim Zoufri nl
Hakim Zoufri
nl 3,810,000 410,000
Ivan Arbatsky KZ
Ivan Arbatsky
KZ Busted

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