World Cup

Can I Order Roast Cat and get a Saucer of Milk for my Chicken?

MarcC • Level 2

The pots are small and mostly insignificant at the beginning of a heat so table talk is at a high point.

There's something about the corner where Table 5 is situated as - even with a mostly different line up - it's where the chat action is at right now, same as in Heat 1.

The topic of conversation was all about whether it's okay to eat domesticated animals. George Danzer said he grew up on a small farm with chickens and pigs and he sees no difference between them and domesticated animals such as dogs and cats.

Vanessa Selbst is a known animal lover and she said there's a different mindset when talking about animals we've domesticated and that Danzer has no heart because he's German.

The whole conversation had a light-hearted feel about it and it was interesting to witness such conversations rather than the competition strategy that will sure to dominate later on.

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