Blowout Series: $215 NLHE [8-Max, The Big Blowout!], $5M Gtd.

"Flush098765" Eliminated in 2nd Place ($370,143*); "W.Slomczynski" Eliminated in 3rd Place ($271,278*)

poolshir • Level 65: 3,500,000-7,000,000, 875,000 ante
Voinea vs Flush098765 vs W.Slomczynski

"W.Slomczynski" shoved from the button for 96,490,709 and "Flush098765" took some time before rejamming for 151,287,931 from the small blind. Cosmin "UnHuman3" Voinea called both opponents from the big blind.

"W.Slomczynski": {a-Hearts}{8-Spades}
"Flush098765": {a-Clubs}{j-Spades}
Cosmin "UnHuman3" Voinea: {a-Spades}{q-Clubs}

The flop came {7-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} to keep Voinea ahead.

The turn was the {10-Hearts} to give everyone the straight draws but the river completed the board with the {k-Spades} for Voinea to stay ahead with the queen-kicker to win the tournament and the extra $50,000 to get to a total of $456,346. "Flush098765" finished in second place for $370,143 while "W.Slomczynski" walked away with $271,278 for third place after the deal.

A recap is to follow.

Player Chips Progress
Cosmin "UnHuman3" Voinea RO
Cosmin "UnHuman3" Voinea
RO 796,375,000 288,903,640
W.Slomczynski GB
GB Busted
Flush098765 gt
gt Busted