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Live Updates June 6

The Grand Has Just Started

The Grand Start June 6

A new Phased tournament called The Grand, which comes with a pretty $200,000 guarantee for the $1,050 it costs when you buy in directly, has just started with 111 players in the field.

You'll get 1,000,000 in chips and play 15-minute levels throughout the day. Late registration is possible until the end of Level 12 which ends in three hours and players can reenter once if things don't go to plan.

partypoker Twitch Streamer Jaime Staples is the only team member in right now but will likely be joined by others.

Sylvain Loosli is sitting at the top of the counts at the start of the tournament and is followed by Domenico Lando, Altino Neto, Majid Moghaddam, and Tamas Nagy in the top five.