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Live Updates October 31

Earn Double Cashback Points 12 Times Per Day!


partypoker has revamped its Boosted Hours promotion and made it even better. All Hold'em and Omaha cash games are included alongside fastforward games, and there are now 12 hours across each day where you can earn twice as many cashback points.

Boosted Hours is a promotion revolving around partypoker's action-packed cash games and fastforward games. Usually, players in these games earn one cashback point for every $1 they contribute to the rake, but 12-times per day, everyday until October 31, players earn twice as many points.

All cash games, with the exception of private Club Games and Short Deck Hold'em, are eligible to earn double cashback points during the times shown in the table below. The points are automatically added to your running tally after the conclusion of each Boosted Hour, so you can see just how many points you have accumulated.

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Boosted Hours Schedule

Time (BST)Boost ValueTime (BST)Boost Value
1:00 a.m.2x1:00 p.m.2x
3:00 a.m.2x3:00 p.m.2x
5:00 a.m.2x5:00 p.m.2x
7:00 a.m.2x6:00 p.m.2x
9:00 a.m.2x7:00 p.m.2x
11:00 a.m.2x11:00 p.m.2x