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Boika Leads The Grand

Aliaksei Boika

Aliaksei Boika is on course to take down The Grand where only 37 of the 161 starters remain in contention for the title.

Only 31 places are paid with a min-cash weighing in at $2,107 and the victory being worth $30,615.

Current The Grand Top 10

1Aliaksei Boika10,967,889
2Martin Hellmuth10,783,435
3Ales Matyasko10,759,968
4Modestas Dargis9,924,904
5Justin Beers9,542,649
6Christoph Vogelsang8,537,551
7Jonathon Jackson8,240,568
8Claas Segebrecht6,847,665
9Artem Vezhenkov6,738,256
10Pablo Silva6,537,718