partypoker US Network Online Series 2020 NJCOOP
Event #9: $320 NLH $20K GTD

Event Info

Prize Pool $27,600
Players 92

Updated Chip Counts (Full)


Just three tables remain now, with 23 players spread out amongst those tables. Below you will see updated counts for those 23 players.

njpainter 923,009 651,189
E.J.D 596,305 -174,924
CryBaby 521,821 271,064
youngkoi us 432,308 66,425
thekid32 us 418,117
Jon “Jetsfan411” Borenstein 380,441 305,441
Angel "chromeking" Lopez 345,430 -43,876
Mike “MistaMenza” Menzer 333,652 -140,748
Volstragg 330,642 104,140
Anthony "supremetny" Chin 308,376 -82,165
TheRealJanJurik us 267,208 192,208
Daniel “leinad” Buzgon 263,900
Eric “alwaysliquid” Vanauken 221,520 -108,786
RUfan 221,070 132,211
MarsRover 220,459 -100,481
Yong “IReadYrSoul” Kwon 208,602 -143,255
Daniel “centrfieldr23” Lupo 186,119 120,147
Alex “JinYang” Butcher 167,970
KevinDurant us 163,965 6,115
audidriver 156,500
Vinny “brownmagic” Pahuja 121,036
Stevehung us 69,175
Jinxy us 42,375

Menzer Wins Massive Flip to Double


Blinds: 3,000/6,000

Mike “MistaMenza” Menzer kicked off the action with a raise, and "Lisaj416" reraised in the big blind. Menzer four bet shoved all in for 230,000 and change, and "Lisaj416" made a big call with {3-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}. He was flipping against the big slick of Menzer, and he shot out to the lead following the {a-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{4-Hearts} flop. No three would come, and Menzer scooped a monster pot to vault into the top five.

Mike “MistaMenza” Menzer 474,400 474,400
Lisaj416 30,734 30,734

Final Payouts For Event #9


A total of 92 players came out for this $320 buy-ins event, making for a prizepool of $27,600. The final 14 players will finish in the money, all locking up at least $427.80. First place will walk home $8,142 richer.

Check out the rest of the payouts in this photo, or in the payouts tab.

The Big Stacks in the Final Level of Registration


"E.J.D" has recently separated himself from the rest of the pack, as he now has more than double anyone else in the event still. The 15th level has just kicked off, which means registration is just about to close.

E.J.D 771,229 517,538
Anthony "supremetny" Chin 390,541
Angel "chromeking" Lopez 389,306 159,675
youngkoi us 365,883 231,987
Yong “IReadYrSoul” Kwon 351,857 19,930
Eric “alwaysliquid” Vanauken 330,306 123,250
MarsRover 320,940 55,599
njpainter 271,820
CryBaby 250,757
Volstragg 226,502 -81,073

Vanauken Gets Lucky to Double Through Lupo


Blinds: 2,000/4,000

Eric “alwaysliquid” Vanauken and Daniel “centrfieldr23” Lupo got into a raising war preflop that saw all of Vanauken's chips go into the middle with pocket jacks. However, he was well behind the {a-Hearts}{a-Diamonds} of Lupo, and that would stay the case on the {3-Spades}{2-Spades}{2-Clubs} flop, and {q-Clubs} turn. However, the {j-Spades} slammed down on the river, giving Vanauken a two outer for a massive double up.

Eric “alwaysliquid” Vanauken 207,056
Daniel “centrfieldr23” Lupo 65,972

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Get to Know Sponsored Pro Daniel Buzgon

Dan Buzgon
Dan Buzgon

You might recall that In early 2019, Daniel "leinad" Buzgon signed on as a Sponsored Pro – one of three alongside Michael “Gags” Gagliano and Katie Stone.

“It took a little bit of time to get all the paperwork and stuff like that,” Buzgon previously told PokerNews of becoming sponsored. “It was in December when it started but wasn’t official until just before the Borgata Winter series. Duties include mainly playing a lot online, promoting the site, and trying to get new players on the site.”

According to HendonMob, Buzgon has more than $2.3 million in lifetime live tournament earnings since 2007. He’s a four-time World Series of Poker Circuit ring winner has played for big money before. In 2001, he finished third in the WPT Borgata Poker Open for $335,433, and last year he finished fifth in the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open Main Event for $202,942. He also finished fourth in the 2012 WPT bestbet Jacksonville for $94,624.

Additionally, Buzgon is a beast online where he’s amassed more than $3.1 million in earnings, of which $435,457 has come on where he plays under the screen name “leinad.”

"KevinDurant" Scores Roller Coaster Double


Blinds: 1,800/3,600

Three players limped in for 3,600, before "KevinDurant" moved all in for 73,000 and change. It folded to "Efeneyeguy", who called for a bit less than half his stack.

"KevinDurant": {j-Spades}{j-Clubs}
"Efeneyeguy": {a-Hearts}{9-Hearts}

"Efeneyeguy" was well behind, but that quickly changed after the flop came {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}. A third ace came on the turn to strengthen the lead for "Efeneyeguy", but out of nowhere, the {j-Diamonds} completed the board, giving "KevinDurant" an unlikely full house, and a big double up.

KevinDurant us 157,850 65,550
Efeneyeguy 100,912 -94,400

The Guarantee Has Officially Been Met


The clock says 67 players entered so far in this $320 buy-in event, which means the prizepool is now at $20,100 and growing. Registration will be available for another thirty minutes or so, so there is still time to get in on this big Saturday night event!