Lone Star Poker Series
Event #9: $320 NLH $20K GTD

Event Info

Prize Pool $27,600
Players 92

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Monday, October 12Event #4: $20K GTD PKO Bounty$32069$20,700Jinxy$5,864.76    
Tuesday, October 13Event #5: $15K GTD NLH R+A$10986$22,300Yong "IReadYrSoul" Kwon$6,578.50    
Wednesday, October 14Event #6: $20K GTD 6-Max PLO PKO$21588$17,600Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd$6,204.62    
Thursday, October 15Event #7: $25K GTD 6-Max PKO Bounty$53574$37,000Lisaj416$11,344.36    
Friday, October 16Event #1: $50K GTD NLH$215143$28,600Dan “mj23style” Sewnig$7,150.04    

"TheTerminator1" Doubles Through Stone


Blinds: 200/400

Katie "KatieStone" Stone raised to 920, and she was called by "Efeneyeguy". Next to act, "TheTerminator1" reraised to 5,255. Only Stone called, and the flop came down {9-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}. Stone check called a bet of 4,956, and the {10-Spades} hit the turn.

Stone checked again, but after "TheTerminator1" fired 8,920, Stone opted for a raise to 22,400. "TheTerminator1" called, and the {j-Clubs} hit the river. Stone bet enough to put "TheTerminator1" all in, and he quickly called with {10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} for a set of tens. They were better than the ladies held by Stone, and she takes a big tumble down the leader board.

Stone was eliminated a short time later.

TheTerminator1 us 119,134 119,134
Katie "KatieStone" Stone Busted

Trip Queens for Kwon


Blinds: 150/300

Three players saw a flop of {q-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} come down. Action checked to "dhimp20", who fired 1,900. Yong "IReadYrSoul" Kwon was the only caller, and the {8-Spades} hit the turn. This time, "dhimp20" checked, then called a bet of 3,100 from Kwon. The river saw the {4-Clubs}, and "dhimp20" quickly check called another bet of 4,130.

Kwon rolled over {q-Clubs}{10-Clubs} for trip queens, which was good enough to take the pot, and give him the early chip lead.

Yong "IReadYrSoul" Kwon 87,435 87,435
dhimp20 us 64,995 64,995

One Full Table of Players


The cards hit the air just as the eight and final seat was filled at the first table tonight. Of course, more tables will be added shortly, as the field continues to grow, but here were the first eight seats sold in this $320 buy-in event.

Rikishi 75,000 75,000
Katie "KatieStone" Stone 75,000 75,000
Jon “Jetsfan411” Borenstein 75,000 75,000
Ozzy_Rocks111 us 75,000 75,000
Yong "ReadYrSoul" Kwon 75,000
KevinDurant us 75,000 75,000
TheRealJanJurik us 75,000 75,000
pay4medsch00l us 75,000 75,000

Cards in the Air: $20,000 Guaranteed Event


It's time to get the virtual cards in the air here in the latest partypoker US Network Online series event! This tournament has a buy-in of $320, and at least $20,000 will be up for grabs tonight.

Players will be starting with 75,000 in chips, and the levels will be 10 minutes until registration closes at the end of Level 15. After that, they will increase to 12 minute levels.

Good luck everyone!

The Penultimate Day of the Series Starts Soon

PartyPoker US Network Online Series
PartyPoker US Network Online Series

It's almost time to get things going with the latest event here at the partypoker US Network Online Series. The buy-in for this event is back up to $320, and the guarantee for this event will be $20,000.

We've already seen a few notable players take home titles so far this series, including Dan "mj23style" Sewnig in event #8, Ryan "Whosyourdoddy" Dodd in Event #6, and Yong "IReadYrSoul" Kwon in Event #5.

All players within the state of New Jersey may compete across the three platforms of partypoker US, Borgata Poker and BetMGM Poker.

The action kicks off at 7:30 PM ET, and Pokernews.com will be here as always to bring you all the updates you need, so be sure to come back then!

Click here to sign up for Nj.partypoker.com!

Event #9: $320 NLH $20K GTD
Day 1 Started