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$100,000 Super High Roller

Sorel Mizzi Eliminated in 4th Place ($695,400)

Josh_Cahlik • Level 21: 50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante
Sorel Mizzi - 4th Place

Bryn Kenney raised to 215,000 from the button and Sorel Mizzi moved all in from the small blind for 1.685 million. Action came back to Kenney and he called.

Mizzi: {2-Clubs}{2-Hearts}
Kenney: {A-Clubs}{j-Clubs}

The two were flipping for Mizzi's tournament life heading to the flop. The dealer put out a flop of {6-Spades}{10-Hearts}{4-Spades}, keeping Mizzi's deuces out in front. The turn was the {Q-Diamonds}, giving Kenney a few more outs to make a Broadway straight on the river.

Kenney made exactly that as the {K-Hearts} finished off the board and gave him a winning straight. Mizzi, who started the day as the chip leader, was eliminated in fourth place for $695,400.

Player Chips Progress
Bryn Kenney us
Bryn Kenney
us 5,600,000 1,775,000
Sorel Mizzi ca
Sorel Mizzi
ca Busted

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