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AU$2,500 High Roller

Dejan "Junior" Boskovic Wins Poker Palace Summer Championships $2,500 High Roller (A$80,500)

KaleGozer • Level 26: 40,000-80,000, 80,000 ante
Dejan Boskovic

Congratulations to Dejan "Junior" Boskovic for topping a field of 135 players to win the $2,500 High Roller at the Poker Palace Summer Championships. Boskovic took the win after a cordial heads-up ICM deal with Jarrod Thatcher which gave Boskovic a cool A$80,500 and the trophy, while Thatcher took home A$72,500.

After finding himself caught in a long and drawn-out struggle during hand-for-hand on the money bubble with not even seven big blinds, Boskovic turned it around to win it all. A couple of hands against one of the chip leaders at the time, eventual eighth place getter Honglin Jiang, were particularly important in propelling Boskovic to victory.

The first saw Boskovic double up through Jiang when his pocket queens held up against Jiang's big slick. The second was not long after when Jiang tried to bluff him off the pot on the river with ace-high, when Boskovic held a straight flush. He couldn't get the chips in fast enough.

His friendly dual with eventual fourth-place finishing Vincent Huang was also a feature of the final table and became a friendly joke between the two, with Boskovic eventually winning out, knocking the dual Aussie Millions ring winner out of the tournament.

Boskovic also knocked out third-place finisher Hass Onay after winning a big pot from Onay, then finishing the job, spiking a jack on the flop to come from behind after being dominated preflop. After the friendly chop, the tournament was over. All eyes arnow firmly set on the $1,150 Main Event that saw its first of four starting flights kick off today.

Final Table Results

PlaceWinnerCountryPrize (in AUD)
1Dejan BoskovicAustralia$80,500*
2Jarrod ThatcherAustralia$72,500*
3Hass OnayAustralia$39,000
4Vincent HuangAustralia$24,000
5Jim PizaniasAustralia$18,675
6Robert DamelianAustralia$14,500
7Ryan BowndsAustralia$11,500
8Honglin JiangNew Zealand$8,500
9George EliasAustralia$6,500

*denotes heads-up deal

Dejan Boscovic
Dejan Boscovic, winner of the A$2,500 High Roller