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$50,000 Single-Day High Roller

Kanit's Brain Can Do It

MrPaulSeaton • Level 7: 2,000-4,000, 500 ante

Mustapha Kanit has put Sam Greenwood into the cage right in the middle of a game of 'Who's the Brain?'

If you're not aware of how to play 'Who's the Brain?' it's an extended version of the famous Johnny Lodden game and involves players guessing what one particular player would believe is an answer to a question, then other players speculate on what the player who is answering the question thinks.

In this particular level, Mustapha Kanit was the 'brain' and while others deliberated on how much money it would cost to have a head shaved for two years, Kanit was involved in a big hand. It had built to a river clash with Sam Greenwood on a board of {K-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{10-Hearts}{4-Spades} . Greenwood, having invested half of a pot worth over 100,000 to that point, checked to Kanit. Kanit did no such thing, shoving all-in for way more than the 120,00 Greenwood had left.

Eventually, Greenwood folded and Kanit won the pot, yelping "Yes! First bluff of the year!"

He then told the players gathered around his table his answer, to peals of shock and "No way!" Both at the table and away from it, Kanit is costing his opponents money.

Player Chips Progress
Mustapha Kanit it
Mustapha Kanit
Winamax Team Pro
it 369,000 66,000
Sam Greenwood ca
Sam Greenwood
ca 120,000 -10,000

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