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Event #15: $250 NLHE Super Tuesday NJCOOP Edition Championship Trophy Event, $35K Gtd

Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari Eliminated in 6th Place ($2,147)

Sangannagari eliminated in 6th

Level 25: (8,000/16,000/2,000)

Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari jammed for 379,928 on the button, and "kyleorto86" called in the small blind.

Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari: {a-Spades}{3-Hearts}
"kyleorto86": {a-Spades}{j-Diamonds}

Sangannagari would be left wanting on a {4-Clubs}{a-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{5-Spades} runout, and "kyleorto86" padded their chip lead with aces-up for the knockout.

Player Chips Progress
kyleorto86 us
us 1,767,838 213,744
Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari us
Sridhar "sri100k" Sangannagari
us Busted

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