Event #29-H: $300 NLHE (PKO, Thursday Thrill SE) $40K GTD

”outaahere” Eliminated in 9th Place ( $609.34 + $717.50 in Bounties)


Level 24 (7,000/14,000/1,750)

"MrMonkeyJones" min raised to 28,000, and was called by the button, and both blinds, including ”outaahere” in the big bling The flop of {6-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} saw action check to "MrMonkeyJones", who continued for 42,000. "hashtagmtglife" raised to 125,860, and in the big blind "outaahere" shoved over the top for double that bet.

"MrMonkeyJones" folded, but "hashtagmtglife" called with {10-Hearts}{6-Hearts} for top pair. "outtahere" showed {a-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} for a flush draw and two overs, but the overs didn't matter after the {10-Clubs} turn gave "hashtagmtglife" two pair. Only a diamond or four would work now, but the river brought the {7-Hearts} instead.

Just eight players remain now!

Player Chips Progress
hashtagmtglife us
us 1,839,631 534,763
MrMonkeyJones us
us 1,287,350 -207,000
outaahere US
US Busted