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Three-Handed With Two Seats Up For Grabs

Brentharrington • Level 12: 1,000-2,000, 2,000 ante
Wadih Kaawai

Mike Spyers and Mike Childers have been eliminated and Clyde Lorance has heaps.

Wadih Kaawar is the short stack behind Kyle Kinder who has roughly half of what Lorance has.

"How am I gonna do this," Kaawar said as Childers was eliminated and he was left against the two large stacks.

Player Chips Progress
Clyde Lorance us
Clyde Lorance
us 447,000 52,000
Kyle Kinder us
Kyle Kinder
us 179,000 9,000
Wadih Kaawar us
Wadih Kaawar
us 69,000 -25,000
Mike Childers US
Mike Childers
US Busted
Mike Spyers US
Mike Spyers
US Busted

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