RunGood Poker Series (RGPS)

The RunGood Poker Series (RGPS) was born out of RunGoodGear, a premier poker clothing company founded in 2012. From its humble beginnings, which included president Tana Karnchanakphan (AKA Tana Karn), distributing RunGood shirts out of a backpack at the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the RGPS tour launched in 2014 and had established itself as a major force in the mid-major market. In fact, it won “Mid-Major Tour/Circuit” in back-to-back years at the Global Poker Awards (2018 & 2019).

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2023 RGPS Iowa
2023 RGPS San Diego
2023 RGPS Tunica
2023 RGPS Cleveland
2023 RGPS Kansas City
2023 RGPS Graton Casino
2023 RGPS Tulsa
2023 RGPS St. Louis LIVE
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Missouri by PokerGO
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Oklahoma by PokerGO
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip California by PokerGO
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Missouri by PokerGO
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Ohio by PokerGO
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Mississippi by PokerGO
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip California by PokerGO
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Iowa by PokerGO
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Dream Factory by PokerGO

Finished Tournaments

Winner Winning Hand Prize Runner-up Losing Hand
2023 RGPS Baltimore Ari Katz Ari Katz 78 $47,724 James St. Hilaire aa
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Maryland by PokerGO - - - - -
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Road Trip Mississippi by PokerGO - - - - -
2023 RGPS Checkpoint Thunder Valley Tyler Patterson Tyler Patterson a8 $200,422 Paul Sampson j3
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Checkpoint Thunder Valley by PokerGO - - - - -
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Mystery Bounty Weekend - - - - -
2023 RGPS Kansas City Andre Allen Andre Allen $86,550 Casey Henry
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RBPS Checkpoint Kansas City by PokerGO - - - - -
2023 RGPS Reno Stacey Berger Stacey Berger aq $39,655 [Removed:420] a4
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Checkpoint Reno by PokerGO - - - - -
2023 RGPS Council Bluffs Joshua Kopp Joshua Kopp 109 $68,799 David Caron 66
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Checkpoint Council Bluffs by PokerGO - - - - -
2023 RGPS Joplin Dakotah O'dell Dakotah O'dell a5 $63,647 Blair Hinkle 44
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Checkpoint Joplin by PokerGO - - - - -
2023 RGPS Jacksonville Antwan Prince Antwan Prince $92,796 Dimas Martinez Jr.
RUNGOOD Poker Series - RGPS Checkpoint Jacksonville by PokerGO - - - - -
2023 RGPS Graton Casino Pe Kyaw Pe Kyaw aa $90,330 Daniel Lowery
2023 RGPS Tunica Kevin Broadway Kevin Broadway $46,804 Ricky Loyd
2023 RGPS San Diego Rafi Azam Rafi Azam 75 $52,820 Victor Kulish aa
2023 RGPS Tulsa Pete Petree Pete Petree ak $62,911 Sam Panzica kq
2023 RGPS Tunica

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What is the RunGood Poker Series (RGPS)?

The RGPS is a two-time Global Poker Award-winning tour for “Mid-Major Tour/Circuit”. The tour usually hosts weeklong festivals comprised of affordable side events culminating in traditionally $575-$675 Main Events, which run Friday-Sunday.

Each season of the RGPS, which currently awards championship rings but has previously awarded medallions, championship belts, and even cowboy boots, comes with a fun theme. Some of the themes from past seasons include “Showbound”, “Game Seven”, “RunGood Cup”, “Old West”, a charity-themed season with Operation Gratitude, the post-pandemic “Comeback Tour," and the newest Checkpoint powered by PokerGO. The 2023 season was designed to raisie funds for their non-profit partner, Operation Gratitude.

They have also formed a partnership with PokerGO to send players to an end-of-year invite-only tournament to be filmed at PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas.

When is the RunGood Poker Series (RGPS)?

The RGPS holds stops throughout the year across the country. In the past, they’ve hosted two themed seasons each year – the first taking place in the first half of the year before the WSOP, and the other in the second half of the year after the WSOP.

PokerNews and the RGPS

Over the years, PokerNews has offered live updates from many RGPS tournaments and continues to do so.

History of the RunGood Poker Series (RGPS)?

A shot from the first-ever RGPS stop.
A shot from the first-ever RGPS stop.

The RGPS tour launched in 2014 with three stops starting with its inaugural stop at Downstream Casino & Resort in Quapaw, Oklahoma. Bernard Lee topped a 344-entry field, including Ross Bybee in heads-up play, to win the $675 Main Event for $47,555.

Bybee redeemed himself at the next stop at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa when he bested a 317-entry field to win the $675 Main Event for $26,440 after a four-way deal. A month later, the RGPS returned to Downstream and hosted another $675 Main Event, which attracted 262 runners and saw Mark Martin come out on top to claim a $36,218 first-place prize.

In 2015, the tour expanded to seven stops after adding Horseshoe Council Bluffs and an RGPS Cup Championship in New Orleans. The following year, six stops were held including a pair in North Kansas City, while a total of seven stops took place in 2017.

In 2018, Horseshoe Bossier City joined the tour, as did the first-ever RGPS Global Championship Cruise, which was won by Shawn Sparks for $21,417. That year saw 13 stops, but in 2019 that jumped to 17 thanks to Horseshoe Tunica joining the fray.

In 2020, a new stop Jamul Casino in San Diego was held before the global pandemic put the tour on hiatus. It took a year, but the RGPS stormed back in 2021 with a “Comeback Tour” and resumed making its mark in the mid-major market, including at new stops at Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Coconut Creek and California’s Thunder Valley.

Boston Rob Mariano
Boston Rob Mariano

In 2022, RGPS held an "All-Stars Season" season in which they qualified players for a year-end Pro-AM. The second annual RGPS All-Stars Pro-Am saw 65 entrants, a combination of invited pros and qualifiers from across the country, and saw “Boston” Rob Mariano win it for $8,775 top prize and his second RGPS ring of the season.

Mariano qualified for the tournament by topping a 206-entry field to win the $200 NLH Guest Ambassador Bounty Event at RGPS JACK Cleveland, good for $8,615.

Mariano is arguably the biggest star to come out of the hit CBS television show Survivor (he’s appeared on six seasons) and has also appeared on Amazing Race, The Price is Right, and most recently Season 2 of Secret Celebrity Renovation.

For 2023, the RGPS announced the "Checkpoint powered by PokerGO" theme. The season started in January at Hard Rock Casino Tulsa and is slated to conclude before the start of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in June. The tour will continue to host its signature events at various stops across the country awarding newly designed 2023 Championship Rings while raising funds for their non-profit partner, Operation Gratitude.

Top RGPS Players

Daniel Lowery
RGPS superstar Daniel Lowery

As of January 2023, Daniel Lowery sits atop both the RGPS all-time money list ($198,253) and most titles (7). Lowery also tops the list for most RGPS cashes with 45, as well as most top 10 finishers with 24.

Justin Gardenhire sits behind him with $189,117 in earnings, 5 titles, 21 top 10 finishes, and 35 cashes. Meanwhile, Blair Hinkle has established himself as a force on the tour with $154,572 in earnings from three titles.

Other players with three titles to their credit are Preston McEwen, James Devaney, Derrick Contreras, Eric Bunch, Julie Anna Cornelius, Rodney Spriggs, Michael Albert, John Heckenkamp, and Ross Bybee.

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Where does the RGPS take place?

The RGPS takes place all across the country with a focus in the central United States including Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, and Louisiana. They’ve also held stops in California, Florida, and on the high seas!

How can you follow the RGPS?

In addition to following live updates on PokerNews, you can follow @RGPokerSeries on Twitter or visit

Are there different events in the RGPS?

Yes, most RGPS stops are comprised of a series of side events with a $575-$675 Main Event. Some common side events on the schedule include $185 DeepStack, $135 Bounty, $200 Two Green Chip Bounty, $125 Seniors, etc.

How long has the RGPS been around?

The RGPS debuted as a mid-major tour in 2014.

Who heads up the RGPS?

Tana Karnchanakphan (AKA Tana Karn), who is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the founder and president of the RGPS.

“The beauty of our growth is that it has always been from referrals or word of mouth,” Karn previously said in an interview. “I’ve always believed in the fact that if you truly have a great product it will be just a matter of time before word gets out.”