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Bernard Lee Wins Inaugural RunGoodGear Main Event for $47,555

The RGG Final Table

This past weekend, (RGG) held their inaugural $675 buy-in main event at Downstream Casino Resort in Quapaw, Oklahoma. The tournament attracted 344 entrants, which nearly doubled the $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. In the end, it was a member of Team Run Good, Bernard Lee, who emerged victorious to capture the $47,555 first-place prize and a seat at the 2014 World Series of Poker.

"The turnout was fantastic as all the players got to mingle and talk with the RunGoodGear Pros," Lee told PokerNews. "The atmosphere was a mix between a poker tournament and a party. Of course, when we got down to the final table, it got pretty serious. There were some solid players left such as WSOP Circuit grinders Ross Bybee and John Reynolds. In the end, I was able to pick my spots and am extremely happy about winning the inaugural main event."

1Bernard Lee$47,555
2Ross Bybee$29,722
3John Reynolds$19,319
4Casey Hindman$13,474
5George Huber$10,105
6Grant Elmer$8,718
7Jessie Bryant$7,926
8Chengce Jiang$5,548
9Mike Scarsdale$4,755

According to the RGG blog, the first elimination of the final table came when Bybee opened for 35,000 under the gun and Mike Scarsdale called from the small blind. The {2-Diamonds}{3-Spades}{5-Diamonds} flop saw Scarsdale check and Bybee continuation-bet for 35,000. Scarsdale then check-raised all in for 350,000 and Bybee wasted little time in making the call.

Bernard Lee Wins Inaugural RunGoodGear Main Event for ,555 101
Mike Scarsdale

Bybee: {a-Clubs}{a-Hearts}
Scarsdale: {7-Clubs}{7-Spades}

Scarsdale held an overpair to the board, but Bybee’s was better. Neither the {10-Clubs} turn nor {4-Diamonds} river changed a thing, and Scarsdale was sent to the rail in ninth place for $4,755.

After Chengce Jiang and Jessie Bryant fell in eighth and seventh place, respectively, Grant Elmer followed them out the door in sixth. It happened when he opened for 60,000 from the cutoff with the {k-Hearts}{q-Hearts} and Bybee, who once again woke up with {a-}{a-}, three-bet to 120,000 from the button. The blinds folded, Elmer called, and the flop came down {k-}{2-}{6-}. Elmer checked his top pair and then called when Bybee bet 120,000. When the {6-Hearts} put two hearts on the board, Elmer moved all in and Bybee called. Elmer failed to catch on the river, and he was sent packing in sixth place for $8,718.

After George Huber fell in fifth place for $10,105, Lee opened for 120,000 from the button, and Casey Hindman moved all in for 320,000 from the big. Lee snap-called and the cards were turned up.

Lee: {a-Clubs}{6-Clubs}
Hindman: {Q-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}

Bernard Lee Wins Inaugural RunGoodGear Main Event for ,555 102
Champion Bernard Lee

The {q-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} flop made things interesting as Hindman paired his queen, but Lee picked up a flush draw. The {J-Clubs} turn gave Lee the flush, which meant Hindman needed either a queen or jack on the river to stay alive. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t in the cards as the {5-Diamonds} blanked. Hindman had to settle for fourth place and $13,474.

Not long after, Reynolds fell in third place for $19,319, which left Lee (3.8 million) to battle Bybee (1.35 million) in heads-up play. Right away, Bybee took a big hit. Then, on the final handm he got his stack all in with seven high and was behind the {10-}{3-} of Lee. The {5-}{3-}{3-} flop gave Lee a hammerlock on the hand, and the {K-} turn officially left Bybee drawing dead. A {10-} was put out on the river for good measure, and Bybee had to settle for runner-up and a $29,722 consolation prize.

Congratulations to Bernard Lee, the inaugural Main Event champion!

“The energy and excitement throughout the whole series was mind blowing. We can't wait to do another one,” said Tana Karn, president and CEO of “Many thanks to our players and Downstream’s staff for making this an event incredibly successful, but more importantly, fun.”

For a quick video recap of the final table, check out this video from RGG:

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