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RGPS Horseshoe Council Bluffs $420 Main Event

Nick Barksdale Eliminated in 7th Place ($5,809)

BrandonTemple • Level 24: 20,000-40,000, 40,000 ante
Nick Barksdale

Cody Bartlett raised to 90,000 from middle position, and Nathan Steuer called in the hijack. Shawn Stevenson three-bet to 250,000 on the button, and Nick Barksdale four-bet shoved for 745,000 in the big blind. Action folded back to Stevenson, who splashed in a call.

Nick Barksdale: {q-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}
Shawn Stevenson: {k-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}

Stevenson's kings would hold on an {a-Hearts}{4-Spades}{a-Spades}{8-Spades}{4-Hearts} runout, and Barksdale was eliminated.

Player Chips Progress
Cody Bartlett us
Cody Bartlett
us 4,650,000 -200,000
Shawn Stevenson US
Shawn Stevenson
US 2,125,000 675,000
Robbie Kent us
Robbie Kent
us 925,000 -100,000
Nathan Steuer us
Nathan Steuer
us 785,000 -115,000
Jose Bermudes us
Jose Bermudes
us 625,000 -100,000
Kent Battles us
Kent Battles
us 475,000 -75,000
Nick Barksdale us
Nick Barksdale
us Busted

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