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$300,000 Super High Roller Bowl

Four Years, and Just 14 Players


The Super High Roller Bowl and it's inception dates back to 2015 when Brian Rast won the $500,000-buy-in version for $7,525,000.

Since it's inaugural year, the Super High Roller Bowl has been run an additional three times featuring a $300,000 buy-in and more players.

In those four years, only 14 players have played every event. Two of those - Daniel Negreanu and Christoph Vogelsang - are at this final table, and Vogelsang joins Brian Rast as the only players to have played every event and also won an event. Negreanu will make that three today if he emerges victorious.

Playing these Super High Roller Bowl's can be expensive, and here is how those 14 players stack up in those previous four appearances.

PlayerCountryWinsCashes2018 Results2017 Results2016 Results2015 ResultsSHRB Total Earnings
Christoph VogelsangGermany12?$6,000,000-$300,000-$500,000$4,900,000*
Daniel NegreanuCanada--1?-$300,000-$300,000-$500,000-$1,100,000*
Brian RastUnited States11-$300,000-$300,000-$300,000$7,525,000$6,125,000
Fedor HolzGermany--1-$300,000-$300,000$3,500,000-$500,000$2,100,000
Erik SeidelUnited States--2-$300,000-$300,000$2,400,000$860,000$1,860,000
David PetersUnited States--1-$300,000-$300,000-$300,000$1,505,000$105,000
Byron KavermanUnited States--1-$300,000$1,400,000-$300,000-$500,000$0
Tom MarcheseUnited States--1-$300,000-$300,000-$300,000$1,075,000-$325,000
Doug PolkUnited States-----$300,000-$300,000-$300,000-$500,000-$1,400,000
Dan SmithUnited States-----$300,000-$300,000-$300,000-$500,000-$1,400,000
Isaac HaxtonUnited States-----$300,000-300000-$300,000-$500,000-$1,400,000
Antonio EsfandiariUnited States-----$300,000-$300,000-$300,000-$500,000-$1,400,000
Igor KurganovRussia-----$300,000-$300,000-$300,000-$500,000-$1,400,000
Cary KatzUnited States-----$300,000-$300,000-$300,000-$500,000-$1,400,000

* Does not include results from 2018 Super High Roller Bowl

Regardless of the result here today, Vogelsang will enter the 2019 Super High Roller Bowl as one of the most successful Super High Roller Bowl players. He currently is at $4.9 million in profit will leapfrog Rast in total earnings with a 4th or better finish today with potentially $9.6 million in winnings awaiting for him if he can finish with back-to-back wins.

Negreanu will be able to enter the black with a 4th or better result at today's final table and can fall anywhere from third to eighth depending on his final result.

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